Why should I need an HRD on a time-sharing basis?

Calling on a HRD on a time-sharing basis is a growing solution for small and medium-sized organisations wishing to benefit from skills adapted to the development of their human capital.

How will RH Lab. be able to help companies that have been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 crisis?

Our time-sharing HR managers can provide support at any time through an audit of the HR organizational structure, the proposal and implementation of solutions to maintain employment or the management of the social plan.

What if we already have an HR department?

We are at your disposal to provide you with real strategic and/or operational added value at any given time.
We are at your service to steer and manage your one-off projects, as well as your recurring tasks.
The aim is to enable you to be seconded to other missions without having to increase your HR team.

Why did you choose the name RH Lab. ?

The acronym RH was a must for the love of the profession and to represent our core business. As for the particle Lab it is the diminutive of laboratory. Because after meetings, brainstormings and workshops, it is now THE trend to name those famous work meetings where ideas merge and develop.

It also seemed to be the best designation to us in order to symbolize our processes of research, analysis and HR diagnostics. As for the logo, it is the graphic version of an ammonite that symbolizes continuous change and perpetual evolution.tics. As for the logo, it is the graphic version of an ammonite that symbolizes continuous change and perpetual evolution.

What additional value can you offer to an HR department and its CEO?

At a strategic level we bring a fresh, objective and impartial view. At the operational level we provide concrete expertise, focused on the performance and results of your company.

Our simplicity reassures, we are attentive to your needs to carry them out and accomplish projects useful for your development. Companies' efforts must focus on their ability to attract, develop and retain their human resources. At the dawn of the 4th technological revolution, growth gives way to constancy.

Employees’ loyalty is becoming a fundamental source of durability for every organization and it is in this perspective that we offer support to employers and their HR departments.

What about digital? What do we do with it?

Technological innovation and HR are inseparable because technological transitions will not make companies without people, they must allow to reinvent the place of people at the heart of companies.

RH Lab. provides you with the assurance of tailored support to facilitate the transformation of your business.

A Human Resources department, what for?

Because there is no economic development without social progress, and therefore no sustainable performance without human capital development.

RH Lab. is also a recruitment firm, why?

Recruitment is an integral part of Human Resources Management and our areas of expertise. The proximity that we maintain with our clients through the HR time-sharing service allows us to apprehend and understand the needs and culture of their organization and thus increase the chances of success of their hiring.

Let's start working together!

RH Lab. offers a range of customised HR Solutions, responding to an à la carte service.

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