The main coaching tool used by RH Lab. is the GOLDEN®. GOLDEN® meets the statistical requirements of validity and fidelity defined and recognized by the international scientific community.


A tool for individual and team coaching and
development developed by John P. GOLDEN.

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You are looking for individual development and/or think that one of your employees needs to be coached and/or accompanied in his or her daily life to better manage his or her team, to better behave with colleagues, to better communicate internally?

You are forced to manage conflicts and notice that one of your teams clearly lacks cohesion or you simply wish to revitalize the collective of your human capital through another approach than Teambuilding?

Thanks to our personality inventories, our tools and psychotechnical tests, both qualitative and quantitative, we accompany you individually or collectively through different coaching and skills assessment approaches.

The main coaching tool used by RH Lab. is the GOLDEN®, which finds its application in individual and group coaching.

Individual coaching


  • Identification of typological preferences and personality traits
  • Apprehension of the person’s behaviours in professional contexts or in the context of interaction with others
  • Work on the psychological type (16 different types)
  • Working on emotional stability and its impact on personal development

Collective Coaching /
Team Coaching


  • Helping people and teams to be actors in the dynamics of change
  • Manage conflicts
  • Building team cohesion
  • Developing internal communication
  • Identify the similarities and complementarities of each to optimize the functioning of the team

What is GOLDEN®?

Based directly on Carl Gustav JUNG’s theory of psychological types and the main works on personality traits, the GOLDEN® allows a very complete and detailed approach to personality.

The richness of golden® lies in the dual approach to personality in terms of psychological types (four major dimensions from Jungian theory) and personality traits (from the work of Eysenck, Allport and the Big Five theory). Each of the four dimensions is divided into subscales to refine the person’s reflection on himself.

Golden®’s innovation comes from a fifth dimension, which provides information on the person’s emotional stability and how they react to stress and anxiety. Appreciating the degree of anxiety or worry is a determining factor in self-knowledge and the direction of one’s life choices.

This instrument meets the defined and recognized statistical requirements of validity and fidelity by the international scientific community.

Code of ethics of RH Lab in terms of coaching:

  • Voluntary procurement of persons
  • Protection and confidentiality of results
  • Restitution of results and essential interview
  • Positive and constructive use of results
  • Legal and professional responsibilities

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