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Social Audit

You are in charge of human resources management within your company and have been managing this alone for a long time? Is your company facing, or has had to face significant growth?

Are you aware that the HR skills you have in-house, or those made available by your accounting firm, are no longer enough? You are often forced to use a lawyer when the internal mastery of labour law and the provision of adequate tools could allow you to have good mediations at a lower cost? Or have you just taken over the local management of a new agency or a Luxembourg branch and have to manage the compliance of group supports?

RH Lab offers you the solution to help you and support you towards an optimal management of your human resources through social auditing.

What is Social Auditing?

Social auditing of human resources is an important approach to verifying key elements of personnel management.

When we talk about social audit, we are referring to a process of observation, analysis and evaluation, which will make it possible to identify the strengths and risks of resource management.

Its purpose is to identify the causes of the problems detected in the HR department and then implement targeted actions to resolve them.

Why is it relevant?

Because managers realize that it is necessary to better control social costs, anticipate risks and integrate human resources into company strategies to achieve optimal performance, the interest in social auditing and its impact on human capital is increasing day by day.

RH Lab carries out social audits for preventive purposes, but also upstream of any steps taken to make a time-shared HRD or HRBP available.

The advantages of a Social Audit for your company

You will understand, the social audit on human resources management offers many advantages and especially allows companies:

  • Independently, objectively, systematically and strictly examine the human resources functions of the organization
  • Assess the general environment and the efficiency of the performance of the human resources department
  • Verify any deviation from standards and design appropriate strategies and corrective actions in areas related to human resources
  • Check whether human resources management is consistent with the general practices and procedures of the organization
  • Measure the statutory compliance of human resources activities in accordance with the laws
  • Explore areas where personnel costs can be reduced
  • Improve the performance of the company
  • Ensure an important part of the social and societal responsibility which is incumbent on any company
  • Identify areas of human resources that require investment in research and development
  • Establish a tailor-made action plan

RH Lab. also offers in addition a solution for the evolution of the social climate of the company, a service:

  • Psychosocial risk management
  • Elaboration of a diagnosis
  • Identification of areas for improvement
  • Proposal for an action plan

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