Skills Assessment

The confinement or simply your life trials suggest a change of course on the horizon. You need a professional change, but you don't know who or what to turn to.

What job? What training? Anyway you are tired of your everyday work, you are tired of it because you know it by heart! Certainly you are in a comfort zone but you know it will only go downward from here. Have you recognized yourself?

RH Lab. can help you to see more clearly and take action through a skills assessment of 7 individual and personalized sessions with one of our recruitment experts.

What is a skills assessment?

The Skills Assessment is a time of positive reflection for oneself, a voluntary process of transition. It is often the first step in the building of a new professional project.

Who can do an assessment?

All employees on permanent contracts with proof of at least 5 years of professional activity.

What can we expect?

Through a SKILLS ASSESSMENT, you give yourself time to reflect to take stock of your professional career. This individual support allows you to identify and measure the value of the experience acquired, but also to understand your obstacles in order to reappropriate your skills and plan their development.

What is the purpose of the review?

This introspection process will allow you to bring out coherent professional paths and the implementation of an appropriate action/ career plan.

Ethics linked to the Skills Assessment

  • Volunteering of the beneficiary
  • Principle of transparency: presentation of the conditions of realization, the progress of the assessment, the methodology, the tools and the tests used. Signature of an agreement and establishment of a meeting schedule.
  • Principle of confidentiality: consultants are subject to professional secrecy
  • Ownership of the results of the balance sheet: the user owns the results of his balance sheet. The summary document is sent to a third party only with the authorization of the beneficiary
  • Absence of value judgments: the summary document remains focused on the facts, the observations of the beneficiary, and observable behavior.

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