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Time-sharing HR


You know your job and no doubt your qualifications in human resources management, that said you are sometimes confronted with exceptional situations that required a deepening, a sharing of experience, a guide and up-to-date legal information. It’s normal, in HR when you think you’ve seen everything, an unexpected or unprecedented event happens and you have to take out your best weapons to manage it.

In order to accompany you in this kind of mission, RH Lab. has set up the HR Line which allows you to have a predefined annual hours package and personalized according to your needs to be able to call on an HR friend in all circumstances.


As such, we offer telephone and / or editorial support on the basis of a package valid for one month from its subscription (deducted at 1/4 of an hour started):


  • 12 hour package
  • Valid for 1 year
  • 180,- € / month


  • 24 hour package
  • Valid for 1 year
  • 300,- € / month


  • 48 hour package
  • Valid for 1 year
  • 480,- € / month

Our services within the framework of a Social Engineering Mission - Human Resources include:

  • Legal assistance for the preparation of employment contracts, amendments, sanctions, etc.
  • The council, the assistance in decision-making and the drafting of letters of dismissals, transactions or letters of reasons.
  • The role of cofinancing dossiersis a role.
  • Answers to the company’s questions about the interpretation or application of a legal, regulatory or conventional provision.
  • Answers to the company’s questions in its relations with employees, employee representatives, various bodies and administrations.
  • Answers to the company’s questions about its obligations as an employer.
*This formula can also be deployed on a larger scale on request and spread over several company belonging to the same economic entity. The packages are increased by 60% when no social audit has been carried out by RH Lab. for more than 24 months. get in touch

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