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In partnership with EMOSKILLS, RH Lab. offers a range of SERIOUS GAMES dedicated to personal development: Negotiation, Conflict Resolution, Management, Emotional Management, Time Management, Influential Persuasion, Feedback Management, Interpersonal Communication, and many more.

These fun training courses allow you to achieve almost all the desired learning. The serious game has a powerful pedagogical engineering that promotes learning based on the impact of the emotions generated by the game's events.

For several years, the training market has been evolving. Screen-based training has become the norm, and this is only increasing in the current context.

Thanks to our serious games in personal development, you can train at your own pace, when and where you want, in the language of your choice, while having fun testing new practices to improve your human and relational skills.

Innovative methods that are both fun and practical. 😊

👉 Through the video game, the participant immerses themselves in fantastic universes where their avatar will experience different situations; challenges that they will have to overcome as the game progresses, with levels like in a classic video game.

👉 The stories take you to the past or the future, to deserted islands, to jungles, to imaginary companies, in short, to completely offbeat universes to confront you with the problems of everyday life, human relations and business life without looking like it.

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Throughout the experience

The completion rate for traditional e-learning is 25%, whereas for our serious games, the rate is 94%.

Moreover, 99% of participants feel that they have improved their skills after the games and the recommendation rate is 93%!

A catalogue of over 70 hours of soft skills training at a very competitive price for a period of 1 year!

After each training session, employees have access to reports, graphs and performance indicators related to their work and decisions.

Throughout the experience, your employees practice their skills and progressively improve their personal development.

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Return on investment?

How to measure the return on investment?

After completing their personalised SERIOUS GAMES programme, your employee can be accompanied by one of our specialist trainers/coaches.

We offer a coaching method with experts in the relevant fields to ensure effective follow-up until the newly acquired skills are put into practice in your work environment. This follow-up is therefore provided in groups and followed (on request) by individual coaching.

Our list of learners is growing all the time! Would you like to be one of them?

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