Background check

As you know, many applicants are manipulating reality when creating their CVs. If you wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt as a token of welcome, you have no doubt already done so to your detriment, with a diploma for which only the level is obtained, disguised periods of unemployment and supporting documents that never arrive!

Today, your commitments to your employees and your certifications no longer allow you to tolerate this type of setback and you want to ensure the veracity of the content of the CVs of each person you wish to hire! That's why RH Lab. offers you a complete solution for checking their references without wasting time.

Background check

Reference checking, also known as background checking, is a method used at the end of the recruitment process as an aid to decision making.

This method consists of contacting a candidate’s former employers, but not only…

All information necessary for the execution of a contract or for the execution of pre-contractual measures taken by a candidate can also be checked on the basis of his/her prior written consent.

As reference checks in recruitment are not explicitly provided for in the Luxembourg Labour Code, RH Lab. relies on the Data Protection Act to reassure its clients that many aspects of the CVs of selected candidates are material.

At the end of our investigations, we will be able to offer you a succinct and intuitive report for a simplified and quick reading and an evaluation note of the reference check based on the following aspects:

The assessment score for reference taking is based on the following aspects:

  • Civil status
  • Judicial data
  • Work authorization
  • Professional experiences
  • Initial and continuing training
  • E-reputation
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Extract from our general conditions for taking references:

  • It is the responsibility of RH Lab. to ask candidates for a written agreement and all the documents that the client wishes to have checked through our services.
  • All references are taken as long as they do not risk interfering with the current employment of the finalist candidate.
  • The objective of this service is to allow the customer to benefit from a reliable and qualitative service from Human Resources professionals.
  • All reference checks will be carried out in the strictest confidence and in accordance with the legislation in force in terms of reference checks in the countries concerned (Luxembourg, France, Belgium, UK, Spain).
  • The agreed deadline for submission of files is 2 to 3 weeks between receipt of the candidate file and the sending of our Report.

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