Time-Sharing Recruiters

You want to recruit independently, but you are desperately short of time and to top it all off, your management has just given you a great project to build a new team or department.

In order to meet this one-off workload, you can call on the expertise of our Timeshare Recruiters to help you. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is the outsourcing of all or part of a company's recruitment processes. Using proven methods, an RPO programme allows you to quickly recruit the best talent individually or en masse.

You will benefit from dedicated time and expert recruitment tools to enable you to recruit effectively in record time.

What Timeshare Recruiters can do to help our clients:

Defines with clients, the missions of the positions to be filled and the profiles of the candidates sought.
Writes FR / DE / EN hiring announcements and ensures their communication through our distribution tools (up to 25 job boards at no additional cost to the client).
Post job ads supported by the client
(e.g. Monster,, etc.)
Develops and implements hunting plans and the means necessary to attract talent.
Analyzes, organizes and selects the CVs corresponding to the profiles to be recruited.
Develops scenarios, role plays and scenarios and gives candidates selection tests.
Performs statistical evaluations on the effectiveness of recruitments and reports on them.
Represent the company at forums and external events in order to approach potential future candidates.
Develops partnerships with schools and universities.
Checks references (identity, diplomas, call former employers if authorized, etc.).
Take care of the declaration of vacant places to the ADEM and the assignment cards.
Manage social networks to attract more talent.

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