You have just lost your job and are in transition to a new one? Do you want to take look of your professional life? Benefit from an assessment, assistance and follow-up for your job search! Then this approach is for you!

What is an Outplacement?

During the outplacement process, which is organized around several sessions, your consultant, an expert in recruitment, will provide you with advice on how to recast your CV (if necessary), decode job offers, target your unsolicited applications, activate your relational network, prepare for your job interviews, etc.

You will participate in workshops on communication and job search techniques to overcome the obstacles to hiring.

As the outcome of outplacement is not only the signing of a new employment contract, you will also learn :

  • How to organize your activities?
  • How to take your bearings in your new professional environment?
  • How to establish good relationships with your colleagues?

Like a coach, your consultant will finally help you get through the integration period in the best possible conditions.

Outplacement helps you to know yourself better

Your HR Lab. consultant prepares you for the integration period.

Who can do an outplacement?

Any person who is part of a procedure for termination of the employment contract, whatever the reason (economic or other...) and the form (dismissal, transaction...), regardless of their category of occupation.

What can you expect?

The outplacement service systematically begins with a professional assessment. During one or two months, at the rate of one session every fortnight, you retrace your professional career, you take stock of your skills, your aspirations and you clarify your project.

A consultant follows you throughout the process by relying on computer tests, advice on cv writing, documentary research, the development of a contact base and its follow-up...

What is the purpose?

Rather, the intended results are immediate and concrete. The objective is to appreciate you at your fair value in order to better understand the type of position that suits you and the type of company in which you want to flourish.

Your consultant will accompany you as you go along in the sessions towards concrete actions designed to make your job search a success.

Let's start working together!

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